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"Every day in our nation’s schools, children as young as five are charged with “crimes” for everyday misbehavior: throwing a paper airplanekicking a trashcan, and wearing sagging pants. In the 2013-14 school year, the most recent year for which statistics are available, schools reported over 223,000 referrals to law enforcement."  Washington Post



"The dearth of black teachers across the country is well-researched and extensively documented. Nationally, federal data shows more than eight out of 10 (81.9 percent) teachers are white, while fewer than one in 10 (6.8 percent) are black. These statistics stand in sharp contrast to student demographics in U.S. " ~ The Atlantic


Black Students Face Harsher Punishments

"In Both Rich And Poor Schools, Black Students Face Harsher Punishments: A new government watchdog report shows how black students and students with disabilities are punished more severely. The analysis shows that students of color suffer harsher discipline for lesser offenses than their white peers and that racial bias is a driver of discipline disparities...” ~ Huffington Post



"Given the well-known racial disparities in academic test scores that generally determine enrollment in these programs, the gap may seem inevitable. But even among students with high scores on math and reading assessments, black children are severely underrepresented in gifted programs; a high-achieving white student is twice as likely as an equally high-achieving black student to get assigned to such a program." ~ The Atlantic

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