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Making OUR Schools MORE

Equal + Safer

For Children Of Color




Schools should be a haven of support, empathy and learning for our youngest citizens. However, study after study has revealed that children of color are experiencing a diminished educational experience, including disproportionately higher rates of disciplinary actions, underrepresentation in gifted and advanced learning programs, lower graduation rates and higher rates of attrition. 

Moms for Equality seeks to change these trends through creating a more equitable learning environment, while reducing disparities in disciplinary practices and increasing academic inclusion.  



Operation Suspend Suspensions

Children of color experience higher rates of in-school suspensions and expulsions. When children are forced to leave school, they experience higher rates of police contact outside of school. Find out more about our campaign to lower rates of suspensions and expulsions for children of color. learn more

Teaching Tolerance

Studies show that children of color are viewed as older, more mature and less innocent than their white counterparts, which leads to harsher disciplinary actions from teachers and school resource officers. Learn more about our campaign to Teach Tolerance through in-school training and intervention. learn more

Project PTA 

Greater community and parental involvement improves student achievement and can help improve graduation rates for children of color. M.E. plans to help improve community and parental inclusion in school parent-teacher associations and other educational organizations. learn more

Resource Reform

Resource officers and police officers are increasingly present in schools and in many cases criminalizing an environment that should be reserved for learning. M.E. aims to offer alternatives to this trend while continuing to keep schools safe for students and educators. learn more

Representative Faculty

According to federal data, more than eight out of 10 (81.9 percent) teachers are white, while fewer than one in 10 (6.8 percent) are black. Considering that the country's school population is becoming more diverse, our teacher hiring practices should aim to focus on reflecting the diversity of the country's student population. learn more

Rethinking Discipline

Recent reports have revealed that black students and students with disabilities are punished more severely. Without fair disciplinary practices students cannot thrive. M.E. aims to work with educators to offer alternatives to harsh disciplinary practices. learn more 

Academic Inclusion

Black and Latino students are less likely to be referred to gifted and advanced academic programs in comparison to their Asian and white peers. M.E. aims to understand and address the causes of this disparity and work to increase access to these programs for underrepresented children of color. learn more 

Tell Your Story

Have you, a member of your family or someone you know experienced any of the scenarios above? Have you or someone you know experienced harsher disciplinary treatment in school, been unfairly suspended or expelled, or been excluded from an academic program due to race? We want to hear your story: tell your story

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